Electro ElHany is proud of our diversified portfolio of projects. We take a Team Build approach, partnering with designers and owners to develop creative solutions that benefit our clients and contribute to high construction standards. Our superb customer service has merited the repeat business of Egyptian Governance, Ministries, and new cities authorities, among others around the country.

Obour City Development Authority

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Operating and installing the Telephone cables network to 26 buildings in the

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area between Sixth and Seventh Districts. As well as Electrical boxes installation for residential and industrial buildings.

This project was to install electrical cable counters for Family Housing road.

Nasr General Contracting Co

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Operating and implementing the lighting network of the International Airport buspar

Road – Hurgada.

Engineering Authority for Armed Forces

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This project was to replacement, renewal and raising efficiency of

Ministry of Housing and Urban Communities

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3rd March 2010 Our project was to raise efficiency of public lighting network of New Salhya City Development Authority.

Operating Power supply for 23 buildings and 4 national housing, as well as upgrading network which supply office buildings of Obour City Authority.

We also contracted to operate a lighting project of Al Ismaila Road to the area between Obour tunnel and Al Obour Road Traffic Authority – Masr Ismailia Desert Road – Obour City Authority.

Housing and Development Bank

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25th February 2010
we contacted to install electricity network -medium-voltage, to feed distributor of first phase at territory no. 14 of  the eastern side of Investors South District – New Cairo

Ministry of Water and Irrigation

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16th February 2010 Our contract was to operate and supply double

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lines of medium-voltage network implemented for feeding West Al Mahla and Qotor districts. 26th October 2010 We contracted to supply equipment and to be responsible for conducting medium-voltage network which feed Mars Al Gamal and Al Zawya canals in Kafr Al-Sheikh Governate.

Egyptian National Railways

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2ndNvember 2008 We were digging to extend ground cables in different sections