We give a good maintaining service using our distinguish staff of quality controllers, engineers and technicians.

Ministry of Housing and Urban Communities – Authority of New Urban Communities
This contract included the maintenance as well as operating to
Lighting network of alot of districts in New Cairo City, These
districts are:

  • Local government (1-2-3-4) Youth and Future Housing – 3rd Settlement(Al Tagamou Al Thaleth) New Cairo City – New Cairo Development
  • Authority
  • Al Gulf West Area, New Cairo City
  • First and Third phase of 15th May City – 15th May Development Authority
  • Fourth District and 90th Road as well as roads between districts in Al Tagamou Al Khames (5th settlement) New Cairo City
  • 2nd District and Al Showayfat District in Al Tagamou Al Khames (5th settlement)
  • Local Government (9 – 10 – 7) of Al Tagamou Al Awl (1st Settlement)
  • Villas of Al Narges District  (1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8) and Housing Area of American University, Al Tagamou Al Khames (5th Settlement)